Reminisce your childhood memories in a modern kitchen

The sweet whiff of ghee as the dry fruits simmer, the aroma that fills the air when fresh coffee beans are roasted on slow flame, the low whistle of the cooker that arises when the tender biryani rice is almost cooked, the wafting smell of delicately baked sponge cake and the lingering scents of freshly grounded spices. There are hundreds of memories that jolt us into the privy of our childhood with just one familiar smell or sound. Taking us back in time to the comfort days of our grandma’s stories while feeding us piping hot homemade food.

Kitchens are the heart of any home. They bring families together in the quiet moments of laughter between better halves cooking together and the restlessness of young children as the mother prepares their favourite delicacies. Don’t we all collectively relate to the kitchen as our comfort place, the taste of our mother’s food, chatting with her endlessly as she cooks away?

The emotion of nostalgia has the power to trigger intense sensations

What is this intense feeling of belonging that leaves us wistful and longing for the bygone days? The emotion of nostalgia is as overwhelming as it is delicately endearing. It has the power to trigger intense sensations in us with just one sniff or taste of a long forgotten recipe. The memories associated with taste and smell are the most vivid and clear compared to visual memories. As we move forward in our fast-paced lives, there is an unmistakable decadence for our social connections and cultural notions. It is only through the intense emotions of nostalgia that we are able to retrace our joyful days and the warmth of family moments. 

There is an equal shift in the style of modern spaces filled with smart innovations, which often leads to a lack of personal connection with the things around us. The kitchen is one place that ensues quality family time and bonding, and it is essential to make it a personal haven. Few objects hold in them shards of the past to take us back in time every time we look at them. Adding some personal souvenirs to your kitchen is a great way to evoke nostalgia and add a sense of joy to your interiors.

Hold on to those heirlooms

Call it marking their territory or the fear of losing, it is endearing to see people’s neatly scratched names and dates on the steel and brass utensils. While this is a lost practice, several of us might be lucky enough to get our hands on these priceless possessions from our grandmothers’ trousseaus. If you find a set of cooking utensils with your family’s name etched on them, hold on to them and do not let go. Brass, as a metal, is appealing to look at and is highly beneficial for health. Raid your family home for a stunning brass cooking set to add a rusty yet elegant vintage touch to your kitchen. This is not only an economical addition to the look and feel of your interiors but also a personal touch that is sure to remind you of the nostalgic times with your family.

The Spicebox to the rescue

The Spicebox is the obscure treasure box of any kitchen. For ages, Indian women kept these prized possessions in close proximity to their stoves for accessibility. Apart from containing the most essential ingredients for any recipe, these boxes served as the secret compartments for their users to stock away savings and certain valued belongings. Along with being symbols for efficiency, ease of usage, and aesthetically pleasing, these spice boxes are tokens of a mother’s love and selflessness. 

These spice boxes are also handed down to daughters in several communities by mothers. These flavourful little boxes make for a traditional touch to complement your interiors while sending frequent reminders of your mother’s homemade food and the comforting memories surrounding it.

Behold The Dosa Skillet

Nonsticky pans can be great for succeeding in those round and steaming dosas. Still, the taste that comes with the traditional iron skillet is unmatched. Gone are the days when the iron pans are splashed with water and coated carefully with oil to get the ideal shape of the batter for crisp round dosas. 

The advent of non-stick skillets has given way to everyone mastering the art of making spectacular dosas without knowing the effort that goes into making the breakfast otherwise. The iron skillet is an integral part of the antiquated kitchens, with grandmothers swearing by the health benefits it brings with it. Replace your non-stick cookware with iron skillets and cooking pots to add a healthy and exotic touch to your modern kitchens. A great addition to the interiors and your very own personal artifacts to take you down memory lane.


In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it is the small things that retain our connection with our families and childhood homes. Hanging on to personal souvenirs is a great way to add the essence of your heritage to your eclectic interiors.