Ranjith and Manju's Aesthetically Functional Kitchen

Ranjith and Manju, approached Studio Young Designs to get some tailor made furniture for their living room. However, they were impressed by the kitchen design concepts and ended up redoing their entire kitchen to a more aesthetically pleasing and fully functional kitchen space. 

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We really tapped into Danesh's design expertise and unpicked his knowledge to get the most out of our kitchen space. We are delighted that our kitchen is aesthetically stunning and fully functional even after 5 years.

Studio young design kitchen drawers

What made you choose Studio Young Designs?

We chose Studio Young Designs after a visit to their experience store. Mr. Dhanesh Samant ensured he clearly understood our requirement and was ready to offer tailor made furniture. During the conversation he also gave us a couple of creative ideas to revamp our kitchen. We liked his concept and we instantly decided to give it a try.

What was your main focus when you were designing your kitchen?

When you are designing a kitchen, there is always an element of compromise when it comes to prioritising between the functionality and the aesthetics. Before we approached Studio Young Designs, our understanding was that we could not have the best of both worlds. However, Mr. Samant quickly understood our requirement and offered us various aesthetically beautiful designs that perfectly suits our house, and also enhanced the functionality of the kitchen.

What advice can you offer to a new kitchen buyer?

Have a thorough understanding of what are all the utilities you require, and what kind of design suits your living space. Wether you want a contemporary design, or a rustic wood finish. Explore as many options that are available to you. Once you have a clear picture of the layout, have an interior designer develop 3D models based on your kitchen dimensions. Make sure you are kept well informed about the materials being used and their durability.


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