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Take the opportunity to visit our experience store located in Richmond Road, Bengaluru, to get a hands-on experience of the look and feel of all our designs and materials. Our design experts will give you a comprehensive plan on how you can bring your dream home to reality.

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Our Approach

1. Meet the Design Expert

Visit our experience center and explore the wide range of options available to you. Our interior design expert will offer you the best solutions to suit your requirement. Come and experience the touch and feel of you wardrobe!

2. Share your floor plan

Share you home's floor plan with us to help us precisely understand the requirement. Our team will present you a 3D mockup of the design and plan for a site visit to set things in motion

3. Improvise & Finalize the design

Share your thoughts about our design, and take the time to improvise on any additional details you would want us to include. Get confirmations on the materials and textures.

4. Get the exact quotation

Review and discuss the estimation provided by our interior design team. Get the estimated time for completion and get started with designing your dream wardrobe.

What Our Customers Say

Ranjith and Manju's Aesthetically Functional Kitchen

Ranjith and Manju, approached Studio Young Designs to get some tailor made furniture for their living room. However, they were impressed by the kitchen design concepts and ended up redoing their entire kitchen to a more aesthetically pleasing and fully functional kitchen space. 

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